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Interested in how to improve memory? Here are some tips

20 Aug 2021, 20:51 GMT+10

Many people today are wondering how to improve memory? This is not surprising, because the more information a people can process and remember, the more successful they become and the easier it is for them to cope with the assigned tasks. Here are some tips to help you noticeably improve your memorization ability.

Simple guidelines

1. Always learn something new

Many experts compare our brains to muscles: the more we train them, the more they can do. However, if you take too much load, then the function is completely disrupted.

How to improve memory? Try to read a lot, process new information, practice memorization in your daily life. After just a month of training, you will notice that such simple training gives results.

2. Repeat often

Not sure how to improve your memory? Try to check the information you want to remember as often as possible. This can be not only service information, but phone numbers, poems, and other data.

3. Use mobile apps

How to improve memory? Today many developers are trying to create different memory game app. They always have a simple and intuitive interface, easy to understand, and try to make learning as simple and interactive as possible.

With their help, you can combine fun and learning. Just go to your favorite app when you have a free minute or you are in a traffic jam on your way to work. Joyful learning allows you to get more pleasure from the process, which means it becomes more effective.

4. Look for patterns or associations

Looking for a way how to improve your memory? Try to create an associative array, come up with a funny or interesting analogy with the information that you need to remember.

In addition, it is often helpful to memorize abbreviations and structured memory. Further, your mind itself will prompt the decryption of the data.

5. Build a large storage

In the famous film adaptation of the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle 'Sherlock', the protagonist - a famous detective - uses the palaces of the mind to solve the most intricate crimes. The meaning of this method lies in the fact that each of us has large storage in our heads, where we collect all the information that we have ever seen or heard. The problem is that very few people know how to get this information from their minds.

The new memory game app allows you to improve memorization and teaches you to remember information faster. With it, you can use your memory as well as a famous consulting detective.

6. Use all your senses

Try to use multiple senses at once. It often happens that when we hear the pleasant smell of pies from the bakery, we recall grandmother's house and the fairy tales she told. Try to create similar associations whenever possible.

7. Find out which memory type works best for you

How to improve short term memory? Each person is unique, someone better perceives the information that they saw on a piece of paper, and the other - that they heard on TV or the radio.

If you can figure out which version of your perception is better developed, you can train your weak side more.

8. Don't go straight to the search engine

Many people have not received instant recall, they grab a computer or smartphone in search of the information they need. Nevertheless, if you once knew this data, then sooner or later you will be able to remember them.

9. Learn to relax

How to improve short term memory? With a busy schedule and processing a large amount of information, the brain starts to get tired. It's like a computer with too many tasks. Try to free yourself from everyday problems at least once a week and have a good time.

Making your memory better is easier than you think. With small, but confident steps you will also be able to harness an unforgettable mind.

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