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Why You Should Opt for Frequent STD Testing

22 Jul 2021, 18:51 GMT+10

How often do you have STD testing? Getting an STD test is crucial for your health, and it prevents health complications such as infertility and cervical and uterus cancers. When you are sexually active or have several partners, you are highly likely to develop an STD. However, it is better to look for an expert in STD testing in Winter Park near you to take the tests. Many STDs are curable, and you would live a healthy life after contracting these diseases. These are the benefits of regular STD testing.

Some STDs Don't Have Symptoms

Safe contraception methods have their limitations, and even if you are using one, there is a high likelihood of getting an STD. Unfortunately, you might not think you have contracted the STD if the condition does not show any symptoms, which is why it is wise to have frequent testing. Conditions like chlamydia and HIV might not show any symptoms immediately, and they might require costly treatments later.

Most STDs Are Treatable

Most STDs are treatable now, unlike decades ago, and it would be wise to have testing that facilitates the effective diagnosis of conditions. Almost all STDs are curable with a prescription regime. HIV is treatable in the first days; unfortunately, it might be difficult to detect HIV within the first days, but if you have unprotected sex with someone positive, you can get effective treatment for the condition if you visit a hospital within 72 hours of exposure.

Early Testing and Treatment Prevents Serious Ailments

When you leave STDs untreated, it could lead to life-threatening conditions such as uterus cancer, which could lead to infertility. Early detection is important as it reduces the chances of opportunistic infections, which can alter your life. Moreover, early testing prevents you from spreading the diseases to your sexual partners. Moreover, even conditions such as HIV, which do not have a cure, are easily manageable with medications preventing further health complications like AIDS.

Testing Makes It Possible to Have Multiple Sexual Partners

The key to having many partners is getting frequent STD tests and encouraging your loved ones to get the tests too. If you are tested and treated for an STD, and your sexual partner does not get the same treatment, you risk reinfection, leading to an unending cycle of infections. Regular testing can help you maintain a healthy relationship with your partners. However, you should practice safe sex if you have multiple partners.

At-home Tests

You can opt for effective hospital tests, where you would receive the right treatment and advice from a doctor if you have an infection. However, if you are busy and don't have time for a doctor's appointment for regular screening, you can take at-home STD testing kits. The home test kits give you the privacy you need; however, if you get a positive result, you can talk to your primary caregiver about treatment options.

Final Thoughts

Although certain groups like those with multiple sexual partners and ones who do not use barrier contraception are at risk of new STD infections, if you are sexually active, you could get an STD. Safe sex can reduce the prevalence of STDs, and one way to deal with STDS is getting frequent diagnosis and treatment of the conditions. Most STDs are treatable in their early stages, and you could avoid serious health complications associated with STDs. Moreover, it is important to have your sexual partner receive the tests and appropriate treatment to avoid reinfection.

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