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The Health Benefits of Hemp Seed

15 Jul 2021, 22:42 GMT+10

Struggling to find a diet that works for you? Hemp seed could provide the nutritional pick-me-up you have been looking for.

The modern world is hectic. We spend most of the day rushing from one task to the next, without really considering the toll on our health. As more and more of us join the rat race, it is becoming evident that none of us are getting the nutrients that we need. This cannot continue if we want to make it to retirement.

Every other day there is a new fad diet gracing our shelves and our news feeds. What we need to do instead is try to incorporate the maximum amount of nutrients that we can get into each meal. One of the best ways to add nutrition to your diet without even realizing you are doing so is turning to seeds.

Of all the seeds that can add to our daily nutrients, hemp seed is one of the best. Let's talk a little more about hemp seed and the health benefits it contains.

What is hemp seed?

Before we go any further, we should get to grips with the hemp seed itself. Why? Because so many people hear the word "hemp" and assume that it is of the cannabis plant. We are not sure what the nutritional benefits of cannabis seeds are, but we know that cannabis seeds and hemp seeds are two different things.

Hemp is a cousin of the cannabis plant. They are in the same genus, but they are different. The Hemp plant is grown long and tall with minimal budding. The Marijuana or cannabis plant is grown short and bushy with little stock and lots of buds.

How is Hemp Healthy?

Hemp is of benefit to the modern world as a viable replacement for rope and fabric fibers. It can be carbon neutral when grown - it can even be carbon negative - meaning it is the obvious choice to replace cotton. When learning how to grow hemp, farmers aim to remove more carbon from the atmosphere than they put in. This is due to the stocky nature of the crop and the frightening speed at which it grows.

When we grow it, we are mainly using fibers. Therefore, hemp is only really of nutritional benefit to us when we eat the seeds.

The Nutritional Benefit of Hemp Seeds

So how is hemp seed good for us? Here are the nutrients you need to know about in hemp.

One 30g portion of seeds includes:

  • 9.47g protein
  • 1.2g fiber
  • 166 calories
  • 14.6g of fats (though they are the healthy kind of cholesterol-lowering fats)
  • Iron
  • Vitamin E and B Vitamins
  • Manganese - a trace mineral that is hard to come by
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

The Overview of Healthy Hemp Seeds

This proves once and for all that they are good for us. There is less than half a gram of natural sugar per portion, and they don't come with additives. Keeping hemp seeds handy and sprinkling them on your meals could be the ideal answer for the modern diet.

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