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Introduction to Financial Software Development

26 Jun 2021, 16:33 GMT+10

One of the most sought-after careers today, financial software developers are in demand more than ever. More business owners realize the need for modern tech to compete. And financial software plays a major role in that. From taking care of company finances to bookkeeping, business owners need help with different things. Financial data visualization can help businesses gain access to more insights and identify additional trends.

What Is Financial Software?

It is used mainly by banks and companies to store, analyze, and process economic transactions and records. It helps companies or individuals to keep tabs on their monetary transactions and assets and manage them accordingly.

You can use it for both business and personal use:

  • Business—Banking industry applications and the one used by different companies come under this classification. These are primarily created for industrial usage.
  • Personal—These are developed for usage by individuals to manage their private transactions and economic assets.

You also have web-based resources, which, unlike an installed or on-premise one, need to be accessed via the internet. Most companies prefer it since it doesn't demand separate storage space on the device. It is also flexible in terms of devices. It can be accessed through PCs, tabs and mobiles from anywhere, just like the company's website that is created with the help of website builders, as long as the user has a steady internet connection.

Why Is It In Demand?

Today, it has become a necessity in order to manage the finances of a company. Even small, independent start-ups consider it as absolutely essential. There are several reasons behind it—

  • Fuss-Free: Managing and keeping tabs on monetary transactions and a company's economic history in an old-fashioned way is time-taking and often fussy. But with this, a lot of time is saved due to minimum manual processes, thus increasing the company's efficiency.
  • Error-Proof: It automates portions of the finance process, significantly reducing the risk of errors. It makes it easier for companies to optimize their cash flow and plan ahead.
  • Growth Measurement: It provides insights into the growth of a business or company, thus accelerating the decision-making process. For example, it measures the net profit and total assets, which helps companies to plan quick actions and do better.
  • What Is A Financial Software Development Company?

    These companies aim to create new, improved ones to boost the growth of industries and small companies. A financial software development company consists of a team of specialists who have expertise in the field and can develop and write these programs.

    Fingent, ValueCoders, AltSource Inc., Programmers Investment Corp are some of the well-known companies.

    Who Is A Financial Software Developer?

    These engineers or developers work towards improving and strengthening the already existing ones to help them yield better results in the industries.

    In order to become one, you need to be skilled in Mathematics, Computer Science, Coding and related subjects. Working as a developer is a great career choice for people hailing from Computer Science and Engineering backgrounds.

    How Many Software Developers Are There In The World?

    According to a survey conducted in 2019, the current number is 24.6 million, which is estimated to become a whopping 45 million by the year 2030.

    Software Engineering Industry and Financial Software Developer Salary

    Knowing how the financial world works, as well as being good with numbers is just one prerequisite. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for such engineers has grown and is said to increase by 22% more by 2029. Today, financial programmers and developers are eligible for some of the most high-paying jobs available in the market.

    There is a good salary on offer even to freshers. The salary ranges from $119,954 to $155,000 annually, on average. With experience, you can get into top companies that hire programmers, where the salary can be as much as $164,000 per annum or even higher.

    A hedge fund software engineer salary can range from $100,000 to $400,000 per annum or even more, depending on skills and experience.

    It is important to have banking domain knowledge for software engineers because almost every bank needs to take care of its finances. Bank's programmers decide what application will be most efficient for the bank's use. They also save banks from privacy threats and information thefts, thus protecting their private and monetary information. Many such engineers eye Bank of America software engineer jobs because of its high paying and prestigious nature. To get a job in the sector, you need to be good in mathematics, and have a strong understanding of finances.

    Investment Banking vs. Software Engineering

    Investment banking has been one of the top career choices for ages. It pays well, and the jobs are more or less secure ones with a steady rise in salary with time and increasing experience. But, in today's world, where technology has infiltrated every domain, this type of engineering has become a job in demand.

    Even though investment banking is a desirable job, the growth in this field is much lower.

    The industry is growing and expanding worldwide, and in the coming years, there will be no dearth of jobs. Working in the financial industry as an engineer or developer is sure to provide various opportunities for growth throughout your career path.

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