Sun, 01 Aug 2021

What can SOS Click do?

SOS Click is abbreviated for Save On Steroids and its principle is to set aside the users to save work produced by using Microsoft Office on up to eight various locations using just one click, so in this way it is a immense time saver application. In short, it may say that SOS Click is an add-on software for Microsoft Office that saves your work progress on Word Documents, Excel Sheets as well as PowerPoint presentations.

This feature of the SOS Click is very appropriate in case of various crashes, hard drive failures, and also for Internet connectivity issues, and it will no longer be a cause of pain when anytime you consume your worthy time in a particular piece of work anymore. It can save your time and work development in real in multiple locations at the same time, just exactly like the typical cloud service.

Why Someone Should Use SOS Click?

SOS Click use to escape from following reasons:

  • Losing your working progress on Word doc, Excel sheet, or PowerPoint presentation which can be an actual headache.
  • That is why we advise you to grant a MS Office add-on which is known as SOS Click.
  • Because of just one click all of your working progress will be instantaneously saved in 8 different locations.
  • This makes it perfect for those that practice recurrent connectivity dropouts, or hardware crashes, or any other sort of failure.

But, you are also possibly recognizable with the nuisance connected with losing all of your development at whatever time your PC crashes, or during a power off. That does not want to be the new normal, since there is abundance of software tools that can assist you to keep your progress save in an instant, and that the only software is called SOS Click.

Your Data Will Always Be Safe At Multiple Locations:

Once you have just installed the SOS Click add-on software on your PC, you can pick from a number of variety of locations where you can save your backup files. For example, you can save your documents in the following locations:

  • Dropbox
  • Flash Drives
  • Google Drive
  • Local HDD
  • Mapped Network Drives
  • Your Linked Email

Advantages Of Using SOS Click:

Because SOS Click helps you to save your documents in multiple locations, then the common issues will no longer have an effect on data like:

  • Whenever your Internet connectivity is slow down, then your ongoing progress will still be there on your local drives.
  • When your PC collapse or during a power cut off, your progress will be safe online as before.
  • What is the best about this add-on is that you do not want to panic if your Google Drive or OneDrive has 2FA enabled, no matter what happened it will still work.
  • Though, you will require placing your Cloud service to create an app-specific password for SOS Click to work.

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