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Top 3 Architectural Home Designs Trending in 2021

03 Jun 2021, 15:51 GMT+10

They say that history repeats itself, but in the world of real estate that is not always true. The turn towards green living and demand growing for energy efficient homes, has influenced the housing market in some interesting ways. Although there are timeless architectural designs from the past, that buyers will always want such as Mediterranean style homes, a popular choice in south Florida. However, there are new, more modern designs, focused on energy efficiency and open concept floorplans, that come with cutting edge technology built in.

Mediterranean Style Homes

One of the most popular architectural designs for residential Real Estate is the Mediterranean style. You will find these types of homes in coastal cities, where the ocean is nearby. The history of Mediterranean homes comes from Italy and has become a staple for successful homebuilders worldwide. An easy way to spot this type of architectural design is by the barrel tile roofs that are synonymous with Mediterranean style buildings. The open-air concept allows for lots of natural light to flow through the property, along with free-flowing air that can sweep though the home, from front to back. Many luxury homes in South Florida boast Mediterranean architecture, which many buyers want and are in demand.

Victorian Style Homes

Another design that makes it through the ages is Victorian Style architecture. You will find then in just about every place on earth but is most popular in the mid-west. They emerged during the time of Queen Elizabeth around the mid 18-century. When you think about Victorian homes you may invasion a doll house, or huge mansion. Victorian style emphasizes vertical lines, and you will see this in the large arch windows that rest on the roofline and on the interior of the home, where you may find a fireplace that extends all the way to the top of the ceiling. The materials used to build the homes are luxurious and make the property very charming and seem more exclusive. Many expensive properties use Victorian design today and it is still one of the most popular architectural designs available.

Craftsman Style Homes

Craftsman style architecture is popular in many homes for sale today, in cities around the globe. The Craftsman architectural design was first seen after the Industrial Revolution and became popular for being built mainly by hand and the attention to details, that the larger home builders seem to forget about, with their assembly line building methods. Craftsman homes were built using local sourced materials like hardwoods, which are crafted by hand into beautiful homes. Craftsman homes emphasize horizontal lines, with low-pitch gable roofs, that extend past the property's exterior walls. The homes are crafted with decorative elements like brackets, lintels, and rafters. Often, wood accents are used on the interior of the homes in useful places like built in bookshelves, elegant base boards, and the beams for vaulted ceilings.

Synergy Green Homes

In recent years, some architectural designs are shifting towards energy efficient "green" homes. These properties are built with nature in mind and being efficient in every way possible. The thought is to lower the carbon footprint, save energy and money, and are constructed using all the modern building materials that enhance your overall lifestyle. The designs are typically simple, open air designs where you can see from the front of the house to the backyard. Depending on where these types of homes are located, can dictate the actual designs.But the heart of the home remains the same, geared towards clean living, and low cost of operation. There are new green homes popping up everywhere these days and although the initial cost to construct is higher than traditional designs, this is offset by the savings of coats efficient operation over time. You can expect to find solar panels to heat all the water used in the home, plus gas appliances, and biofriendly building materials. They are usually a modern design with unusual lines and curves, that flow like nature. In many places entire communities are built using green homes and they are selling fast nationwide.


There are lots of quality home designs you can choose from whenever you decide to purchase a property. Weather you appreciate time tested designs from the past, or you would prefer a brand-new green home, there are a plethora of options around. It is nice to see that people are shifting to more energy efficient properties that save money and use less energy to run. In the future, there will be older homes that are retrofitted to become "greener". Either way, there is surely a home for sale somewhere that fits the architectural design you love that can be yours.

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