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Why You Should Consider Getting a Standing Desk

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Comfort is an important part of the day to day life. It doesn't matter if you are sleeping, working, or walking. Everything you do has to bring the least pain and discomfort to your body. In the office space, be it at home or a regular workstation, there are many options available for making work more bearable and easier to handle.

Some people resort to adjustable furniture that's gentle on their backs in order to bring out the best of their abilities. One of the most unique office furniture that can genuinely transform your life is the standing desk.

A standing desk is, as the name implies, is a workstation desk that allows you to handle your work while standing. It is height adjustable, allowing you to set it to your exact size for the best body positioning.

We will explore the reasons why you should switch from your regular desk to standing desks for home office and look at the factors you need to keep in mind when buying one. So stick around to the end if you wish to transform your office life.

Benefits of a Standing Desk



A standing desk is a unique piece of office furniture that has been designed to help the user achieve certain things as they work, one of them being comfort by changing working positions. The following are some of the benefits of using a standing office desk.

They are Versatile

What makes standing desks a good buy is that they can still be used as regular sitting desks. They are height adjustable; if working while sitting for too long starts to feel uncomfortable, all it takes is to readjust the height of the desk, pulling it up to transform it into a standing desk in less than a minute, allowing you to continue working while standing. This is good for general fitness since maintaining one position for long hours is not good for the body. Once you feel like switching back to sitting, you simply pull the desk down to revert it to a regular one.

They Improve Productivity

What many people don't realize is that sitting down for long creates fatigue that the body takes too long to take note of. The type of fatigue that creeps on you slowly, reducing your productivity. Maintaining a passive position like sitting for very long is not suitable for your motivation and health. Having a standing desk allows you to switch back and forth from sitting to standing anytime you wish. This keeps your muscles active and boosts blood flow which in turn keeps the brain alert.

Keeps you Fit

Spending 8 hours a day in an office may sound normal given the set working standards and cultures around the world, but that is a very long time for the body to be cooped up in one position hunched over a computer. Many complications can arise from this, like back pains, neck issues, varicose veins, and many others.

By using a stand up desk every time you feel you have sat down for too long, you are giving your body the chance to stretch a little and recharge as you continue hacking away at the tasks at hand.

Good for your Heart

The hypothesis that standing is good for your heart was first advanced in 1953 by scientists. It was discovered that bus conductors who spent a good part of their day standing were half likely to get heart complications compared to their colleagues in the driving seat.

Sitting for long every day has been found to increase the chances of heart disease by 147%. This is more the reason why you should find yourself a good height adjustable standing desk that fits your needs. Being on your feet for a short while can do more to reverse the harmful effects of being sedentary than any other thing.

They Eliminate Back Pain

When using a standing desk, there's never any need for a chair as most of the time you will be standing. This means that your back will be assuming a normal upright posture that eliminates any back pain. Studies have shown that using an adjustable standing desk reduced back pain by as much as 32%, which is a very significant number. When you combine this with a good tall office chair for standing desk with lumbar support when sitting, you will have the best office furniture set to make sure you give your best when working.

Things to Consider when Buying a Standing Desk



Now, you have decided to get a sit stand desk, but you quickly realize that finding the one that fits what you need is hard because of so many confusing options. So how do you go about drifting through all the junk to find the best of the best? The following factors should help you narrow down your search.

The Brand

Every manufacturer who deals with standing desks claims to have the most superior products around, but the only way to ascertain that truth is through actually trying them out or asking around from people who may have used them before. Do your due diligence to ensure that the brand of desk you are betting your money on lives up to its hype. Once you have identified a reliable brand, pay a visit to their warehouse to physically check out the standing desks before buying.


Standing desks come in two types; fixed and adjustable. Fixed ones are already set permanently and cannot be adjusted in any way; you're forced to use them the way they are even when they don't fit your height. An adjustable desk allows the user to make adjustments to the height. They can switch from a regular sitting desk to a standing one with a simple press of some buttons. Going for an adjustable standing desk is the better move, although that will cost you more.

Price Range

You can only get what you can afford, and standing desks come in varying sizes, quality, and prices. The high-end ones can be very costly, but they come with better features like automated adjustments, among other advanced addons.

There's also the option of budget standing desks which have decent features that may see you through a typical working day. What you should keep in mind here are the features you will be getting. You get better value for money by going for a product that can serve all your needs with the least amount of effort.

Surface Area

You need a standing desk that has enough surface area to fit a computer, its accompanying keyboard, and a number of other tools you need for your work. It doesn't have to be as big as your regular sitting desk, but the desktop areas should be big enough to accommodate everything you need to keep them within reach.

Nobody wants to square every two minutes to get something from the bag because they lack space on top. Most standing desks are either L-shaped or rectangular. Choose according to your needs.

Ease of Use

Standing desks are designed for convenience; therefore, there's no need to break your back trying to adjust one. They should be easy to carry around, easy to recalibrate the height and revert it back to a regular sitting desk and they should also come with standing desk accessories.

The assembly should also be straightforward enough for you to set it up from scratch without any outside help. If you plan to share the desk with other people, then make sure it comes with multi faces that can be adjusted quickly to save time. Lastly, a good portable standing desk should be collapsible for easy storage when the need for more space is needed around your workstation.


Are you a fan of bamboo, or do you prefer a glass desktop? Are you environmentally conscious enough to avoid plastic desks, or do you prefer solid metallic desks? Standing desks are made using a variety of materials, and they determine the quality, structural integrity, and durability of the desk in question. One thing you should keep in mind is that plastic desks are of the lowest quality, and metallic ones last the longest. It all comes down to personal preferences and how heavy the work you intend to handle is.

Weight Capacity

A good standing desk should be able to handle a huge load without straining or collapsing. It may not be as solid as the regular desk, but it should be strong enough to carry a computer, books and support your body weight when you lean on it while working from home. Check for the weight limit before buying and physically try it out to ascertain how much it can support. The last thing you would want is to have your standing desk collapse on you as you work.


There are many other reasons you should consider getting a standing desk that we cannot fit here. The bottom line, however, is that it is an essential piece of furniture that will not only transform the aesthetics of your workstation but will bring a high level of convenience, fitness, and wellness to your productivity and body.

A standing desk is a lifetime investment, and in the current environment where people are spending more time at the office, having something that makes all that comfortable and bearable should be acquired at all costs. Make sure you check out our website for an extensive list of high-quality and affordable standing desks that will fit your needs. This article is written by Eugene Sabayi.

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