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Is Mycoursebay Legit? True Professionals or Fraud?

02 Jun 2021, 03:33 GMT+10

We have received numerous 'is Mycoursebay legit?' queries—and the answer is a resounding YES. Mycoursebay is an academic paper writing service platform that links students to expert writers. The essay writing service is operated by an American company Ereyz Consultancy that strives to bring humanity closer to knowledge.

The fact that Mycoursebay primarily focuses on the US, UAE, UK, Canadian and Australian audiences does not mean that they limit their services; it is a global company dedicated to serving everyone despite their geographical location.

Today, we are going to investigate a very critical assignment writing help website. We cannot bypass it without making an essay writing review because it is one of the oldest and well-doing websites. Follow through towards the end and get answers to:

  • Is Mycoursebay legit essay writing service provider?
  • Can I trust Mycoursebay?
  • Is Mycoursebay reliable?
  • How much is an essay at Mycoursebay?
  • Who's who in academia scam?
  • Are essay writing service reviews on websites legit?

About Mycoursebay - Pro Essay Writing Service Providers

As earlier mentioned, Mycoursebay is an online platform that links students to professional homework help tutors and writers to help them keep up with their studies. With over 12 years of being in service, the company has gained a lot of academic paper writing experience, making it one of the top-rated homework help websites. If you were wondering 'is Mycoursebay legit,' you can tell that 12 years of fraud is unachievable - we'd have articles published against its services.

The company is dedicated to providing quality writing services, thanks to the essay reviews in its comment section. Below are some of the services they offer:

* Dissertation writing

* Custom essay writing

* Ihuman Case Study answers

* Research paper writing

* Statistics assignment help services

* Essay writing help

* Term paper writing help

* Lab report writing services

* MS Excel assignment help

* Math homework help

* Philosophy homework help

* Essay editing services - edit my essay

* Healthcare essays

* Business management assignment help

* Write my personal statement

* Research proposal help

* SPSS homework help

* Psychology homework help

* Capstone project writing

Another distinguishing factor is their pricing system - so affordable even when you are running on a low budget. Quite interesting indeed. The page has distributed the necessary information anyone may want to read about the site.

Quick Statistics, Mycoursebay as a Safe Essay Writing Service Provider

Mycoursebay is an assignment writing platform that has won global recognition as one of the most trusted online assignment writing help websites, thanks to its quality services. From its statistics, coursebay has served over 150k students during its entire time in service as per their tenth-anniversary report. That is undeniably a large number of clients, and much effort was input to serve them all.

Notably, approximately 600 000 academic papers were written in 2019 courtesy of their annual reports. 2019 is remarkably their best year of service compared to other years. That is one heck of a completion rate. Additionally, in 2018, despite recording a moderately low number of completed assignment papers, the company managed to serve the highest number of clients—17 863 students from around the globe. There was a drop in performance in 2020, perhaps due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we look forward to their achievements when things go back to normal.

The company attributes its success to the dedicated professional writers and, most importantly, the learners who believe in them. To appreciate both their new and loyal clients, Mycoursebay incorporates discounts and occasional free essay writing services.

If you still have a no answer to 'is Mycoursebay legit,' you probably have trust issues.

Experience with Mycoursebay

The analysis was made from various reviews, majorly Mycoursebay reviews and writers' work reviews Reddit. We wanted to find out what people have to say about their experience with Mycoursebay services. Is Mycoursebay reliable? Is Mycoursebay legit?

Is Mycoursebay review legit? The answer is yes. You can confirm what we are yet to discuss to ascertain that the essay writing reviews are genuine. We are not here to market the platform but instead share the reality and help someone get academic support.

Here are the few contexts we examined:

Quality Content

It seems like everyone okay with the content quality obtained from Mycoursebay. Only a few people are not, and no one can ascertain what exactly happened. We are yet to find out. Otherwise, if you are tired of fraud essays, coursebay is a platform you can rely on for grade-winning content.

Mycoursebay Customer Service

Coursebay has the best customer service—no delays and very welcoming. Some company's love to enjoy their power and use it to belittle customers, perhaps because they are in high demand. However, with, besides being the most sought-after website, the customer service remains calm and welcoming to customers.

Writer Selection

Judging from what other people have to say about hiring writers of their choice, it is a hectic task as much as it sounds like a great deal. Most clients are concerned by how they get overloaded with a lot of information, making it challenging to pick the best writer. Most of them entrust the process of selecting a writer to the site support.

At, you only need to post your assignment, process payment reflecting the amount generated by the Mycoursebay payment system and wait for your order to be delivered. The support system hands the order to the most competent writer saving the client from the struggle of evaluating hundreds of writers only to select one. Are you still wondering, 'is Mycoursebay legit?'

Order Form

Have you ever been in need of an urgent essay writing service, but the dashboard is way too slow to make that quick order? Disappointing! Visit and appreciate that some websites can have fast dashboards. You have a lot of things to do to spend a lot of time making an order.

Pro Essay Writers

Pro essay writers = pro essays. Every student desires to get a pro essay whenever they trust experts with their assignments—Mycoursebay ensures that. Anyone who has tried to apply to be their writer can ascertain that the process is not easy. Besides possessing a degree from a recognized university, the writer should pass rigorous tests.

Confidentiality in Services

Can I trust Mycoursebay with my personal data? The answer is 'yes.' Mycoursebay ensures that the essay writing service gets the utmost degree of confidentiality and secrecy. Personal data of clients remain in the management's hands and the essay editors entrusted with keeping them secrete. Under no circumstance will a clients' details be shared. However, you may retain your personal information and feed it into the assignment papers as you do the essay reviews.

Online Chat with Writers

Mycoursebay writer review shows that most clients wish they retained the writer who writes their first order. The clients appreciate the writer-client online interaction and, most importantly, the quality of the service. If you have no answer to 'is Mycoursebay legit?', you probably mean that clients chat with writers who sit under avatars. But can avatars write assignments?

Timely Delivered Content

From the essay service reviews, one can confirm that the essay writing services are delivered on time, on or before the deadline. Time is a crucial factor in learning, and the best essay sites understand that, especially Mycoursebay.

Refund Policy

A legit assignment writing company should guarantee a money refund whenever the services do not meet the customer's needs. However, the client is supposed to do multiple essay reviews, which must be unsatisfying to request the money back.

Most websites do not have a clear refund policy. An unclear money-back policy makes it hard to request a refund whenever the service is not delivered as required. A reliable site must provide a refund policy to make clients entrust it with providing the services.

Affordable Services

After landing on their home page, you can see a calculator and clearly, the services are affordable, especially when the student is operating on a fixed budget. Unlike most assignment writing platforms, offers a unique business model to its clients, aiming to provide quality services at lower prices. That is undeniably the best service you will never find elsewhere.

Additionally, the company offers various discounts to its clients, both new and loyal clients, as a way of appreciation. That is a good deal, especially when you want to save some money for other things. There is also a new initiative developed where free essays are provided to random clients to make a total of 100 free essays every three months.

Plagiarism-Free Academic Papers

Besides being reasonable with their prices, coursebay crafts its papers from scratch—producing original documents. To avoid plagiarism, writers cite borrowed content and provide references. Turnitin checker Reddit account is also used to cross-check the paper for any involuntary plagiarisms. At the end of the day, the student gets an original document with quality content worth the best grade.

Is Mycoursebay Legit? | Best Essay Sites

Is Mycoursebay legit? The answer is YES and NO in an equal measure. YES, because this post proves so and NO because you have chosen not to believe so. You may want to read the reviews to confirm, lest everything remains as hearsays. It is also important to note that this is not a marketing post but rather an article focusing on helping students stranded with their assignments.

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