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There is a lot more to a humidifier than simply releasing vapor into the air. When deciding the kind of humidifier you need to consider which is better: cool mist vs warm mist humidifier. Once you know how they differ and are aware of your own needs, you can choose the appropriate model for your own use.

Why you should buy a cool-mist humidifier

What is a cool-mist humidifier?

A cool-mist humidifier releases vapor that is equal to or lower in temperature than that of the room. The cool water vapor helps increase the moisture in the room and helps in keeping breathing clear, and soothing dry skin.

Why do you need one?

A cool mist humidifier is particularly beneficial if you are living in hot and dry climates. The cool water vapor can help you feel cooler while providing moisture to the arid weather. A cool-mist humidifier is cheaper to operate and can be used in a room of any size. This model is particularly easy to use as there is no need for heating water, which also allows you to save money on operation costs.

Tips when using a cool-mist humidifier?

  • While a cool-mist humidifier does not cool your room, it can seem to reduce the temperature of the air around you.
  • You need to remember to clean these cool mist humidifiers regularly to avoid the build-up of bacteria.

Why you should buy a warm-mist humidifier

What is a warm mist humidifier?

A warm mist humidifier emits water vapor that is turned into steam. The humidifier works by boiling the water in the tank and releasing the steam through the vents into the room. These humidifiers are equipped with oil trays, and even filters to trap any dust. This ensures only clean steam to waft into the room and increase moisture.

Why do you need one?

There are various reasons for which you may need a humidifier.

  • To remedy chest congestions, colds, and sinus-related issues.
  • This steam is also very beneficial to keeping your skin hydrated.
  • The warm air works to reduce allergens and reduce nasal concerns.
  • The warm humidifiers do not need a fan and are a lot quieter during operation.
  • In cooler temperatures, you can also use humidifiers to heat up your room because of the steam.

Tips when using a warm mist humidifier?

  • Avoid using a warm one in a child's room because of the steam released from it, which is a hazard. This steam could further heat up other surfaces and harm young children.
  • It's tough to operate warm mist humidifiers in larger rooms, as the warm air cools down quickly and lose their effectiveness.
  • These humidifiers do cost a lot to operate due to the constant need to boil water.


When it comes to the battle between a cool mist vs warm mist humidifier, both have functions that are very beneficial for all users. Both of the types are worth investing in as they reduce dryness within closed environments, and also improve the overall quality of your life.

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