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Whole Food Supplements: Explained

29 May 2021, 07:51 GMT+10

You may have already heard about food supplements that provide various nutrients to the human body. However, due to new discoveries today, the concept of whole food supplements has come forth.

As the name suggests, whole food supplements contain organic plant-based or animal extracts to provide you with nutrients, like vitamins and minerals.

However, what do 'whole food supplements' mean properly and how are they beneficial to the human body? Let's see and find out!

What Are Whole Food Supplements?

To understand the concept of whole food supplements, we first need to know what are basic supplements made up of.

When we talk about basic food supplements, then most of them contain artificially and factory-generated nutrients. Hence, even though they can offer you the best of nutrients, we cannot deny the fact that they are not 'actual' nutrients.

On the other hand, whole food supplements are known to contain nutrients that are derived from actual organic food and plant or animal-based compounds. Hence, they can offer much more nutritional value without any major drawbacks.

So, we can define whole food supplements as complex compounds that consist of plant or animal-based nutrients to form a healthy dietary supplement for your body.

There are also many more benefits to whole food supplements. Let's check them out.

Benefits of Whole Food Supplements

Recently, people are shifting more towards whole food supplements. It is because of the below-mentioned benefits:

  • Whole Food Supplements Are Non-Toxic

You may have heard of synthetic vitamin supplements that are toxic to the body. If you are unaware, here's what you need to know.

When your body receives vitamins, it excretes the excess natural ones. However, it is not the same in the case of synthetic vitamins. These vitamins get stored in your liver and over time, they become toxic for your body.

Hence, all in all, synthetic supplements do more harm than good whereas whole food ones contain naturally sourced vitamins. Thus, allowing healthy excretion.

  • Presence of Minerals

Many people who take synthetic vitamin supplements don't know that these supplements don't contain other nutrients or even minerals. Hence, you are just consuming vitamins that aren't enough for your body.

Contrarily, you also get whole food supplements. These supplements contain nutrients, other than vitamins too. So, you get all the benefits in just one supplement.

  • High Quality

Lastly, there are many synthetic vitamin supplements that are often sold at a reasonable rate. It is because these supplements only contain synthesized vitamins that are made in industries.

However, when we talk about whole food supplements, then these are made only after thorough research. Moreover, these supplements also don't contain allergic substances or GMO substances.

Final Thoughts

Whole food supplements are certainly a must-have product today when there are so many food items that are not enough to meet your nutritional requirements.

The best part is that these supplements offer natural vitamins that are sourced only after thorough research. This definitely minimizes any risks associated with normal food supplements!

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