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Ways to Upgrade Your Ceiling Fan on a Budget

17 May 2021, 20:17 GMT+10

Did you ever had a feeling when you are lying on your bed wondering about something and then suddenly you take a glance at your roof and notice that how your ceiling fan is destroying the aesthetics of your room and you feel the need to upgrade your old ceiling fan?

If yes, then you came to the right place because I have too gone through the same scenario and instead of ignoring the thought, I did detailed research and redid the design of my entire fan, and let's just say that I was proud of myself by after seeing the results.

Of course, it came with a cost as I had to spend a lot of time and a pretty big amount of money.

That's why I am writing the most important ways to turn an old ceiling fan into new one to save you the extra time and money that I had to spend while experimenting with different things.

This phase usually comes when your ceiling fan is old and its color has faded. Furthermore, some people buy the appliances for their house in such hurry that they don't consider if it matches with the theme of the room or not.

Ways to Upgrade Your Ceiling Fan

There are multiple ways which you can use to upgrade your old ceiling fan and remember that not all of them are necessary, you can stop when you feel that it is looking good because overdoing is the biggest mistake that most people do. It results in ruining the look, instead of making it better.

Get a Paint Job for Your Fan

Painting is one of the most important ways to upgrade your ceiling fan because it can completely transform the look of your fan. However, you need to select the colors and textures carefully because most people rush this decision due to a wide variety of options.

It is necessary that you select a color that contrasts with the color of the ceiling and goes with the overall theme of the room. For Example, if the main color of your room's theme is a shade of white or gray, then you should prefer going with a combination of dark shades like black.

Furthermore, never have the same color on the fan's blades and mount because it will look odd. Always try to go for a combination of different colors such as golden and brown. You can even make the design of each blade different depending on the theme of the room such as a funky theme.

There are multiple ways to turn an old ceiling fan into new one, however, the most creative one is to wrap your fan blades in a fabric cover with a design imprinted on it. It also looks beautiful, especially if it has a design that creates a special picture when the fan is moving at a high speed.

Enhance the Look of the Previous Design.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your ceiling fan is polishing it because that will make it look brand new even if the surface of the fan was galvanized:

  • Use a spare cloth to remove any major dust and dirt particles from the blades of the fan.
  • Add one tablespoon of dish soap into a bowl of hot water and scrub it on the surface of the blades using a brush, after that, rinse it with hot water. This should clean all the buildup dirt that didn't come off with a cloth.
  • Make a mixture of two cups of milk and two tablespoons of baby powder. Then scrub it on the blades with a brush and rinse the mixture off the fan.
  • Then take one teaspoon of metal polish and rub it on the blades in small circular movements using a cloth.
  • You can repeat the same steps on the mount of the fan but it will be relatively harder because you would have to do it using a ladder. After doing that your fan will become as shiny as new.

Add Extra Accessories to your Fan.

If you don't already have a light fixture dangling down the center of your fan then you should get an electrician to fix one to your fan because they are becoming increasingly popular as it is one of the easy ways to modernize your ceiling fan.

Another one of the easy ways to modernize your ceiling fan is adding a software to the fan that can enable you to control it from your mobile phone. This is totally extra and for lazy people like me who don't want to leave the bed.


There you go, a list of ways that you can use to make your old busty ceiling fan look elegant. I hope that it helped you upgrade your old ceiling fan and saved you a lot of money by preventing you from buying a new one.

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