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What to avoid in academic writing?

13 May 2021, 16:51 GMT+10

Whether you're simply writing your homework essay or your dissertation, academic language forces you to comply with a very strict set of rules. To avoid mistakes and get a better grade, you need to remember all of those rules - and carefully apply them.

To make your job a little easier, we have prepared a list of the most common things to avoid in academic writing - keep on reading to find out more!

Avoid wordy phrases

While you might have been used to squishing as many words as possible in essays during your high school years, this won't pass in academic writing. Even though your teachers have probably already told you the same - never fill your writing with extra words just to meet the word limit. You're much better off expanding on your arguments and adding valuable information to the text.

Try to look for phrases that might be substituted with a single word, or fully removed. For example, instead of saying 'due to the fact', simply say 'because' - the simpler choice is often the better.

Watch out for contractions

Always make sure your academic text does not have any contractions - and remember to proofread your essay to check for any you might have accidentally put in. In academic writing, you can't allow informality in your text. Try to avoid using a personal tone or stating your opinions that may seem irrelevant to the matter.

Avoid misspelling institution names

This is especially important for international students of graduate programs in Poland - when including any institution names in your writing, always check how to properly spell them. Many Polish institutions use a slightly different name in English, not necessarily a direct translation. Remember about this when mentioning any in your texts.

Don't forget to cite your sources

Whenever you're using a part from another text in your writing, never forget to apply proper citation rules. Do this both for quoting directly and just paraphrasing, or else your writing might be accused of plagiarism. For more information, make sure to thoroughly read through the university's style guidelines for academic writing.

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